Knowledge Base related to Archon

Knowledge Base related to Archon

Known issues and Solutions

Archon 2.0

  1. Unable to reset super admin password due to unknown SMTP host.

Description: The default SMTP config in the Archon needs to be changed as many clients are not accepting OTP generated from Gmail for the password reset or the notifications. So, it is recommended to use outlook SMTP as default.

Solution: Any user/client can now configure the SMTP using the outlook mail ID and can reset the super admin password.

  1. FFG - Not able to ingest metadata generated from Flat file extractor.

DescriptionMetadata generated from FFG is not valid to ingest into Info Archive through IA Data Ingester.

Solution: Now the connection details which will be present in the Metadata have been removed to make the Metadata valid.

  1. Assign SUPER_ADMIN role to an LDAP user and have the passwords managed in the active directory.

DescriptionProvide an option to assign SUPER_ADMIN role to an LDAP user and have the passwords managed in the JPMC active directory and also an option to delete Database Authentication Superadmin and make LDAP Authentication as default.

SolutionProvided a method to connect Archon 2.0 with the LDAP active directory and made the password to manage in the directory.

  1. Extraction issue for CHARACTER data type in DB2.

Description: In the DB2 database, a column has the datatype as CHARACTER and extraction through Archon gives junk values for that particular column.

Solution:  In Archon, we have made some code changes related to that Database and made the datatype supported in our environment.

  1. Extraction issue for LONG VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA in DB2.

Description: After extracting a table in the DB2 database, the particular column data came null.

Solution: Archon generally supports BLOB data but the datatype seemed to be different from the datatypes which we supported so provided a fix to support the LONG VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA type.

  1. The issue with the count after extraction of Metadata with more than 10crores records in AS400 DB.

DescriptionAfter extraction of Metadata, the table count returned with NULL records.

Solution: Generally Archon supports count (*) to fetch the records but instead the code was modified to count_big(*) to fetch crore records. 

  1. Need to move the processed data to another drive (NAS).

DescriptionNeed a change in moving processed data (default extraction in Archon output directory) to another drive after extraction.

SolutionProvided a parameter in file inside the config folder of Archon by adding MOVE_FILE_TO_NAS= true/false and NAS_FILE_PATH.

  1. Need an option to choose the date or day for scheduling a job for ingestion or extraction.

Description: There should be an option to schedule a job on selected days alone.

Solution: A new enhancement of selecting the date/day using a calendar has been included in all the schedule screens.

  1. The issue in running Archon jobs is when the Java path is not set properly in environmental variables.

Description:  After trying to extract data through Archon, an exception was thrown stating Java error.

SolutionThe solution was when tried to compare with the Windows environment, the way the JAVA_HOME was set in environmental variables was wrongThe right way to set it is JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_271

Archon 3.0

  1. Need an option to edit the data source profile.

Description:  Need an option to edit the hostname, port no, and username of the already created profile.

Solution:  The functionality that Archon 3.0 had was editing the password alone but making an enhancement made Archon 3.0 support all the properties in the database profile.

  1. Delete Query using Row ID for Oracle DB.

DescriptionFraming the delete query using Row Id values to reduce the number of bind variables created in Oracle.

Solution: The solution to delete the Row ID to reduce the number of bind variables was provided and this works only in SIP mode.

  1. Most of the services are not starting after an upgrade.

Description: After performing an update from one version to another most of the services have not started.

Solution: While performing an upgrade the old containers should be deleted completely so that the new container name will be deployed and started successfully. This is to avoid the container name mismatch. 

Archon 3.1

  1. The search filter in the workspace is not identified if the Search is in the Upper case.

DescriptionThe search filter fetches if the characters are in lower case.

Solution: A fix has been provided to accept all types of cases.

  1. Need to enable century option in Flat file module.

Description: The flat file has a year field in 2 digits, so there must an option to select the century.

Solution: In the current build the option of either selecting 2000 or 1900 has been implemented.

  1. Need an option to select a few tables from the schema.

Description:  If there are a more number of tables present in the schema there should be an option to select only those tables.

Solution: Provided an option to upload the required tables in the schema using a CSV file. This will make the user extract the required tables in the schema in an easy manner.

  1. Issue while hitting the UI after successful installation.

Description: In a few of the environments IPV6 has been enabled and a few IPV4 has been enabled. Need an argument for balancing either of them.

Solution: In UI tar 2 new arguments have been included to sort this issue. The user needs to set either the IPV4 or IPV6 variable to true in the env file. This will avoid the inbound and outbound exchange.